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Snake Suspenderz at Burien Nursing in Burien 1/11/13

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Happy Holidays from Snake Suspenderz!

We at the Snake Suspenderz World Domination Central Control And Bingo Parlor wish you and yours a very merry Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Winter Solstice, Dongzhi Festival, Soyal, Yalda:, Modraniht, Saturnalia, Pancha Ganapati, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Christmas, Yule, Malkh, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Watch Night, New Year and/or Hogmanay.

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Two Gigs, One Day, No Waiting

It was a smokin’ weekend for the Snakez with two gigs each on Saturday and Sunday, but the real fun was from Sunday’s high-contrast tag team of the Pike Place Market Buskerfest and (and!) Benaroya Hall’s Day of Music. We performed a half hour of potent snakey material at both venues within three hours of each other.

And just try finding another band that can make that claim…

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New Snakez action pics!

I’ve just put up a gallery of photos taken from last Friday’s appearance at Reverend Chumleigh’s Camano Outdoor Cinema. Check ’em out!

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New Snakez video

As salamandir mentioned in the previous post, we had a great gig at The Can Can back on June 28th. But the best part is we came out of it with a new video!

Serpentine – Snake Suspenderz

If you’re interested in all the geeky details of how this video came about, I’ve blogged about it on my site.

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the can can

baby grampsthe show at the can can last night went exceptionally well, but i think that the exceptional parts were more because of disorganisation and lack of planning than anything else…

the can can was STUFFED with people, which was a good thing from our point of view, because our “take” was based on sales at the door, but i suspect that a large part of the reason why the can can was STUFFED last night is because we opened for baby gramps — which was a complete surprise to us. i had been lead to the understanding that we would be opening for He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, and, indeed, they were there, and played after baby gramps. the main objection we had was that nobody had told us that we were opening for baby gramps… we had discussed an apparent discrepancy in what the booking person had told us compared to what they had announced on their web site – which was just us and HMBSMS – and we had prepared for the possibility that they had just been disorganised (the can can has just recently moved back in to their original location, after having temporarily relocated across the street to accomodate a construction project). and, apparently, when gramps was called by the can can (he does shows there on a regular basis), he was under the impression that it was as a favour to someone, but he didn’t know who…

truckin' davebut if someone had only told us that we would be opening for gramps, we would have talked it up a lot more than we did… which, for us, was pretty extensive, but if people had known that gramps was gonna’ be there, more people that we told would have actually showed up…

and, as an added bonus (for me, anyway) was that accompanying baby gramps on toy pianos was my friend truckin’ dave – this guy – who i have known since the early 1980s, from bellingham (a “bellinghammer”)… i had no clue that this guy knew baby gramps, although gramps introduced dave as “my friend from the ’60s”, so the whole evening was full of surprises for me.

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The Snakez at the Seattle Art Car Blow Out

Yesterday Snake Suspenderz played at the Seattle Art Car Blow Out at the Fremont Solstice Fair. (And we’re going to be doing it again today!).

Joko MacKenna (aka JokoLondo on YouTube) put together this great video of us and the art cars and posted it last night:

“Walking Stick” – Snake Suspenderz at the Fremont Solstice Fair – Art Car Exhibit

We just loves this future we’re living in where you play it today and watch it on the web tonight.

BTW… the tune is by Irving Berlin. How can you go wrong with Irving Berlin?

Thanks, Joko!

(cross-posted to the Howlin’ Hobbit site and Howlin’ Hobbit’s personal blog)
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The Snakez site doing the phoenix thing

After a longish day of battering it about, I’m giving up for the evening.

At this point the site has at least something going on everywhere but the booking info page and our media (pics, videos, etc.) page. Not a bad job of rising from the ashes of the old, hand-rolled site. Even though it still looks quite a bit like the old one, its bones are now WordPress.

We’re hoping that WP will not only make all the standard maintenance chores simpler, but will also allow all four of us to more easily communicate with you folks what like us.

Stay tuned as the next couple days will bring most everything back from the brink and we’ll all be able to start on the new, exciting things!

(You might start by checking out the Shows page, as we have one later this month.)

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The Snakez Are Back!

Snake Suspenderz is now becoming intimate (in a good way) with Word Press (yes yes yes). Stay tuned for further developments!

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