Don’t Quit The Day Job


This is an original tune by Thaddeus Spae and is the first in the Snake’s long-running “rehearsal tapes” series that is also a video!

It was recorded live in Thadd’s living room on May 5, 2009, using the Zoom H2 for the audio and Thadd’s and Hobbit’s cameras for the video. Thadd’s seems to be set to a lower resolution than Hobbit’s, but it’s not bad for a first experiment.

He Might Be A Vampire


This is a song written by Howlin’ Hobbt and recorded in late August 2008 at Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ in Seattle, WA on the occasion of our first gig with salamandir, our new tuba player!

Please pardon the crowd noise. We had to have Howlin’s cheap camera pretty far into the audience in order to get all of us into the frame.

Thanks much to the Z lady for cinematography!

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